What’s Included in Assisted Living Communities in Texas?

As adults and their families plan for long-term care, many people eventually downsize and move into a supportive living community where they can enjoy their privacy but also gain access to health care, nutritious meals, social activities and more.

Communities often offer a variety of different support levels including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care and memory care. Assisted living is one of the most popular options, as it lets people retain the most independence by improving access to the help everyone needs from time to time.

With assisted living services, residents typically pay a single monthly fee for room and board, utilities, housekeeping, transportation, dining, medication management, activities, daily support and more.

Exactly what’s included in assisted living varies by community and is often partially dictated by state regulations.

In Texas, there are some common regulatory requirements for assisted living that adults and their families should know about, as well as several common inclusions that you’ll find in most communities. This article will explain in more detail what’s included in Texas assisted living communities.

What Type of Support and Services are Provided in an Assisted Living Community

Most assisted living communities to provide:


Private apartments and shared rooms are both common options

Nutritious meals

Communities offer different dining options, most of which include three daily meals


Light housework and maintenance is taken care of by the community

Recreational activities

Assisted living is designed to enhance residents’ lifestyle, so most host social, cultural and entertainment events on a regular basis

A wide variety of amenities

Fitness and wellness programs, transportation and laundry services are just a few of the amenities that you’ll find in assisted living communities

Some other common inclusions you can expect to find at assisted living communities across Texas include:

Personal Care and Assistance

The Texas Administrative Code requires all assisted living communities in Texas to provide help with the activities of daily living (ADLs), making it an ideal long-term care option for those who are finding it difficult to keep up with daily activities such as:

  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Managing medications
  • Changing positions or moving around different living areas
  • Eating or preparing meals

Residents can create a specific schedule with staff members that work best for them and include routine personal care tasks like getting dressed and eating meals. Many supportive living communities also provide on-campus conveniences like barbershops and salons to make your day-to-day tasks easier and more enjoyable.

Safety and Security

One of the biggest benefits of making the move to an assisted living community is the fact that residents can enjoy peace of mind with 24-hour security and access to emergency care services as needed. There are emergency response systems in high-risk areas, such as bathrooms, that will immediately alert someone nearby in the community if there’s a problem. With this level of security, you can feel safe in your home, living as independently as possible without the fear of injuries.

Meals and Dining

Mandy adults who choose to age in place face a consistent struggle to keep up with nutrition. It’s often easier and more convenient to eat fast food or frozen dinners than to cook a healthy meal. Assisted living elevates dining by removing the need for residents to cook and providing restaurant-style dining options. All communities have customization options to accommodate specific dietary restrictions, so if you need adjustments for allergies or to fit your medications, assisted living can help.

Social Activities

As adults get older it’s common for friends and family to move away, leaving them with a smaller social circle than they’re used to. Assisted living helps adults build up their circle and engage through social and cultural activities. First, residents are encouraged to get to know one another by enjoying common spaces like game rooms, libraries and cafés that are on campus. There are also more structured, scheduled events to look forward to each month with activities like book discussion groups, movie nights, gardening clubs and art classes. Residents can choose the activities that interest them, meeting new friends and neighbors with similar interests.

Health Support

Assisted living communities are not designed for residents with a high level of medical needs, so most healthcare requirements will be taken care of in a hospital or doctor’s office outside of the community. However, there are health support services that can make both residents and their families feel more secure.

That typically includes part- or full-time nursing staff, help with managing medication and 24-hour health monitoring. In the state of Texas, emergency care must be provided in all assisted living communities. Additionally, these communities must also have transportation services available to residents to help them get to appointments, medical testing and run other important errands.

Choosing the Right Texas Assisted Living Community

Although there is not a single all-encompassing standard for every assisted living community to follow, there are state regulations that communities must follow as well as some common amenities. Most campuses also strive to provide residents with a variety of services and support options to help their live as independently as possible and promote holistic wellness.

When it comes time to find an assisted living community in Texas that is best for you or a relative, it’s essential that you look for a community that is up to date on state regulations. If you’re struggling to decide on your own, you can always reach out to a professional advisor for guidance. Additionally, scheduling a tour where you can view the campus, meet different community members and speak to current residents is always a great idea.

Consider The Monarch at Richardson

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