understanding memory care

Understanding Memory Care: The Monarch at Richardson’s Approach to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Understanding Dementia

The birth of your child… the joy on their face as they biked with no training wheels for the first time… the pride you felt as they walked across that stage and received their diploma… the tears that rolled softly down your cheek as they said their vows and began the journey toward a family of their own — these are but a few of the many memories we cherish. If they were lost, we’d search the earth to recover them. If they were stolen, no ransom would be too great to pay for their return. For these are the precious moments of our lives, memories we want to hold in our hearts and minds forever. But though they’re sacred, dementia can take them away, leaving a hole where they once resided.

Dementia is a word that is sometimes misunderstood, and loss of precious memories is but one of its ravages. For dementia is not simply a normal part of aging as some may believe. Dementia is common, but not normal; it is a classification of a number of disorders that affect the brain’s functioning.

Normal aging can cause health issues, but a variety of age-related memory changes are normal, for example, it’s normal to search for a word or name that’s on the ‘tip of your tongue’ so to speak, and then remember it later. It’s normal to misplace your keys from time to time. It’s even normal to forget an event or gathering you attended. As we age, memory becomes more challenging to some but not all seniors (many people age with no memory problems whatsoever).

Dementia disorders however are abnormal, and can have devastating effects that impact one’s ability to live independently, beyond the loss of precious memories. Dementia sufferers may have difficulty keeping their attention focused. They may struggle with communication and speaking, have trouble reasoning or exercising proper judgment. They may grapple with visual perception or the ability to problem solve.

There are many types of dementia, but the most commonly known is Alzheimer’s disease, a brain disorder that can impair cognitive and memory abilities, sometimes to the point that the most basic life tasks become impossible.

Signs of Dementia: Time To Talk Memory Care

Watching the slow, or sudden, impact of dementia’s ravages on someone you love is equal parts heartbreaking and stressful. Of course, it is difficult to see themlose their memory, become detached from their sense of self, and even forget the names or faces of loved ones they hold dear, but it’s also stressful to worry about their well-being as these changes occur.

Therefore, well before any frightening scenarios begin, it’s important to look for early, subtle signs of dementia. And when you see them, that’s the time to talk about memory care.

Memory care provides relief; it’s the helping hand that’s there for you or someone you love when dementia’s impact interferes with daily life. Memory care communities are a subset of assisted living, but they offer a more personalized approach for residents with moderate to severe cognitive impairment. And memory care staff are trained to provide for the specific needs of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related disorders. They often hold nursing certifications or other advanced credentials.

Philosophy and Approach to Memory Care: Benefits The Monarch at Richardson

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At The Monarch at Richardson, we’ve built a community that promotes engagement and provides wonderful opportunities to stay active and live your best years with passion. Residents enjoy their independence here and thrive in an environment that delivers personalized, meaningful support as needed and desired.

That’s why due to resident and family feedback, we’ve been awarded Best Memory Care two years in a row by US News & World Report.

We believe that wellness is essential, and that means we work tirelessly to provide residents with care that exceeds expectations. We offer the best memory care in Richardson, Texas and have an increased number of highly-trained memory care staff so residents get more one-on-one attention.

Alzheimer’s care at The Monarch provides residents with numerous life-enhancing benefits and services. Let’s discuss a few:

Highly-trained Care Providers

As mentioned above, all memory care staff have the specialized, advanced training necessary to meet the needs of residents with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related, memory loss disorders.

Activity Programs Tailored to Seniors with Dementia

Residents have a plethora of activity options, from specialized therapy, to music and art activities, as well as games and puzzles that allow them to engage socially and stimulate cognitive functioning while instilling them with a sense of calm and comfort.

Advanced Safety Precautions

Alzheimer’s care at The Monarch gives residents the added advantage of significant safety measures on campus. Each bathroom has an emergency response system. Courtyards and grounds are secure and enclosed (to ensure the safety of memory care residents who may occasionally wander). And all residents benefit from 24-hour health monitoring led by a licensed nurse.

Behavioral Care

Because dementia can bring mood swings and other behavioral issues such as aggression or depression, our staff have specialized training and knowledge in behavioral care. Counseling services are available for residents who desire them. Our staff provides behavioral care that is both beneficial and calming for residents with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related disorders.

Our Valeo (Latin for ‘to thrive’) wellness philosophy is an essential ingredient of every program we offer. It’s rooted in a four-component approach that focuses on elevating the body, mind, and spirit, while creating ample opportunities to engage socially and expand cognitive abilities.

understanding dementia

Valeo™ Memory Care Neighborhood

The Monarch at Richardson delivers exceptional memory care in Richardson, Texas. And our Valeo memory care neighborhood is the most specialized of all our assisted living communities. Neighborhood residents receive personalized support that honors their dignity and allows them to live rewarding lives that stimulate them socially and cognitively. It’s a wellness lifestyle. And, our Valeo memory care neighborhood provides programs designed to enhance the varied abilities of people in different stages of dementia.

Our celebrated Valeo four-component approach is tailored to individual resident’s needs and abilities.

1) Physical: Staying

active through interesting and fun exercise programs while focusing equally on balanced daily nutrition

2) Social: Developing new relationships and fortifying existing ones to enhance companionship and activity for a healthy, stimulating life

3) Intellectual: Immersive experiences and artistic programs that activate the mind, boost cognition, spark memories, and provide joyful moments

4) Spiritual: Helping each resident to take the time they desire, to connect more closely with their personal beliefs

All our Valeo Signature Programs are designed to enhance daily life and boost cognitive functioning, to create moments that allow residents to thrive. Read below, or for a more in-depth overview of our signature programs click here.

Create & Compose allows residents to ignite their creativity through the arts, for enjoyment and relaxation, which can also boost cognitive functioning.

Legacy Kit encourages families to collect photos and mementos to share, so residents can revisit cherished family stories

Travel Times provides meaningful experiences and cognitive stimulation through travel to new destinations, and old ones alike.

Creature Comforts allows residents to interact with safe, loving animals in a controlled environment to broaden emotional connections and spark memories of family pets.

VITA! program provides daily exercise programs, brain teasers, and cognitive challenges that engage the mind, creating an enjoyable, consistent routine that keeps residents feeling secure, content, and joyful.

The Monarch at Richardson: Working for You

At The Monarch at Richardson, our priority is your health and happiness. We believe good health leads to happiness and happiness leads to good health. And through our programs we strive to ensure that residents live every day of their lives with dignity, joy, and a sense of fulfillment. Visit us and see all we offer. Schedule a tour today and download our memory care guide to learn more.