technology in senior living community

The Benefits of Technology in Senior Living Communities

While technology is something we tend to take for granted, access to this ‘lifeline’ to the world can be transitional in residents’ day-to-day lives. The availability of modern technology like the Internet and app-enabled devices can benefit those living in an assisted living or memory care communities through a variety of methods and means.

Let’s explore why choosing a place to call home for a family member, or yourself that offers connectivity can be a huge asset.

Essential Technology to Ease Daily Life

From getting online and staying connected to using voice-controlled personal assistants, there are many ways technology aids in one’s happiness and overall wellness.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Feeling separated from family or friends can be challenging, and the internet makes it easy to stay connected through computers, mobile devices and other devices. Wi-Fi also allows for the use of voice-commanded assistants that can provide on-demand information. Furthermore, the internet is essential for utilizing other smart devices such as temperature controls, fall monitoring buttons and other useful services that older adults may need.

Virtual Visits with Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime

Residents separated by distance from friends and family can feel isolated at times. Using an internet connection and a video application such as FaceTime, Skype or Zoom makes connections happen anywhere. Individuals with hearing impairments can activate built-in captions to transcribe speech using these apps and see and hear family and friends any time they prefer.

Voice Motion Activation Devices

Central hubs such as Echo and similar devices connected to the internet are voice-controlled, which offers a greater level of convenience in a senior living community. These devices can serve as guides, virtual sources of information and entertainment, activate lighting, operate door locks and communicate with smart appliances like heating and cooling controls. Voice control options are excellent tools for older adults with mobility limitations seeking greater independence. They also help individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other concerns.

Community TV

Residents naturally feel more comfortable knowing what is going on in the world and in their assisted living and memory community. With Community TV available, they can watch the current weather, see the daily activity schedules, get tips from care providers and receive any important announcements throughout the community.

The Monarch at Richardson Embraces Modern Technology

The Monarch at Richardson has access to Wi-Fi, Community TV, voice control devices and the technology that makes it all come together for greater comfort and wellness of residents and staff. Here are a few tech-enabled apps we use to keep our residents informed and engaged.

Fit Minds – Provides Mental Stimulation

Fit Minds offers one-on-one or group Virtual Personal Trainer sessions in real-time via Facebook, Zoom and other visual and audio apps. This cognitive training program provides a holistic approach towards keeping minds active.

An active brain is more likely to prevent further decline in chronic neurological conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Mental stimulation can help individuals maintain or even improve cognitive abilities over time. Fit Minds focuses on facts about the brain and aging well, stimulating exercises for boosting critical thinking skills and memory, food and nutrition tips for good brain health and other valuable information.

Caremerge – Engagement and Calendar Tool

With Caremerge, the care team can monitor engagement and attendance to ensure members maintain a balanced life for wellness. It sends regular messages regarding participation in classes and programs, reminds everyone about programming and ensures that all members are actively involved every day in all four dimensions of wellness.

OneDay – Storytelling Through Video.

OneDay is an easy-to-use video messaging app that allows communications to flow between community staff, residents, family and friends. Simple connectivity options are included and reminder tools, so members know when to call if scheduled. OneDay is also a great tool to help members and team members keep in touch and get to know each other better.

Eversound – Listening Technology

Eversound is a remarkably effective audio technology that helps individuals with hearing or memory impairments to enjoy music, bingo, group games, watching TV, concerts and communicating with friends and family. With Eversound, residents stay active and experience the meaningful moments made possible with sound.

Accushield – Sign In and Health Screening Kiosk

This highly accurate electronic security system allows us to eliminate the need for sign-in books and other protocols that can be unreliable. Accushield monitors visitor sign-ins and authenticates all vendor’s credentials including background screening. This system also helps manage health screening logs and monitors these records efficiently.

The Monarch at Richardson
is Leading Technology in Residential Care

Here at The Monarch at Richardson, we embrace technology and recognize the importance of making it available to our senior living community members. From ensuring the availability of these modern conveniences to assisting members in how they can be used to improve their wellbeing and state of mind, we are right by their side.

If you have any questions about the technology we provide in our assisted living and memory care community in Richardson, Texas, please contact us.  We’re happy to answer your questions and take you on a tour of our Texas senior living community. For additional information, please download our senior living community brochure and take our virtual tour.