Monarch at Richardson MVP Awards

Congratulations to our 8 2021 MVPs! These MVPs have demonstrated our core values of integrity, transparency, loyalty, and entrepreneurship throughout the year. In celebration of their accolades, we will be hosting an MVP celebration on Thursday, March 29. The Solvere MVP Program recognizes team members that make a difference in our communities by going above and beyond, exemplifying our core values every day.

Please join us in congratulating our amazing team members.

Esty Duru
AL Medication Tech

esty senior med tech mvp
Monarch Team Member Since 3/27/2000,  Originally from Benin Nigeria

Esty is our medicine expert at the community and is very diligent at ensuring meds are always correct. She also does a great job mentoring and training new technicians.

Felix Hernandez
Maintenance Tech

felix monarch mvp meet the team
Monarch Team Member Since 6/26/2006,  Originally from Aguilares, San Salvador

“No matter what the task or what is broken, Felix will fix it in a flash!” Resident MVP card quote about Felix

Rito Andrade

rito monach mvp meet the team
Monarch Team Member Since 12/13/201,  Originally from Leon, Mexico

During the Winter Storm of 2021, Rito drove to the community at 2am the morning and slept in his car to make sure he was on time to serve breakfast to the residents at the Monarch. His commitment to serve the residents is so special!


Truework Zelelew
AL Medication Tech, Wellness AL

truework monarch MVP meet the team
Monarch Team Member Since 3/29/2016,  Originally from Gonder, Ethiopia

Truework is a resident favorite with her calm, patient, and sweet spirit of care. She is always a team player, helping out and picking up shifts whenever needed.

Yeshihareg (Yeshi) Gebremedhi
Wellness Valeo

yeshi monarch mvp meet the team
Monarch Team Member Since 7/10/2018,  Originally from Addis Abab, Ethiopia

Yeshi is a leader with integrity. She trains all new hires and agency helpers with enthusiasm. She leads the way when the Valeo Director is not on the floor, and you can count on her to have high integrity in all she does with the team and the residents.

Chifundo (Mercy) Chilenje
Wellness Valeo

mercy monarch mvp meet the team
Monarch Team Member Since 7/17/2020,  Originally from Malawi, Africa

Mercy stayed several nights during the snowstorm and picked up several shifts for those who were not able to drive to work. If you need Mercy, she is there.

Tigist Bezu
Wellness Valeo

tigist monarch mvp meet the team
Monarch Team Member Since 2/11/2020, Originally from Addis Abab, Ethiopi

Tigist is an entrepreneur. She has developed and initiated many program ideas and carried them out for the residents. She creates unique ways to assist the most difficult residents and is successful with each one. She is always thinking of ways to make the Valeo neighborhood run smoothly and be joyful.

Normita (Normie) Caingat
Medication Tech, Valeo

Normie monarch mvp meet the team
Monarch Team Member Since 8/17/2020,  Originally from Manila, Philippines

Normie is a very honest and transparent med tech. She is also very detail oriented and catches any medicine error or count issues along with anything small that’s off with medicine. Normita is quick to report and help problem solve. She has a very strong sense of responsibility to her job and is a devoted medication tech.