Dining for every taste. And timetable.

At The Monarch of Richardson, we believe dining is about more than just food. It’s about the pleasure of a delicious meal, good company and an elegant setting. We pride ourselves on our dining program and aim to include all these on our menu daily.

Our elegant dining room inspires residents to enjoy quality meals with each other in an amiable and comfortable environment. Far from the cafeteria-style fare, we offer restaurant-style meals with a side of ambiance and friendship. Residents enjoy chef-created meals that align with any dietary restrictions or personal preferences. In addition, our meals are thoughtfully prepared to offer balanced nutrition, as we know how much good food and good health are closely aligned.

Whether it’s a celebratory dinner or a simple lunch, we enjoy when residents invite family and friends to join them and their neighbors at The Monarch. After all, dining is just as much about who we’re with as what we eat. Just as everything else we offer at The Monarch has a holistic philosophy, so does our dining program: it provides nutrition, socialization and pleasure. Join us for a meal, and experience this for yourself!

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